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Give the Gift of Aesthetic Treatments This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Aesthetic Treatments This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to start gifting. But what do you get for people in your life who already have everything they need?

If their homes are already complete with possessions, you can pivot and give them the gift of aesthetic treatments. These gifts help people look their best, which, in turn, helps them feel their best. In other words, they’re an excellent way to show someone you care.

If someone in your life has been talking about wanting Botox®, a way to get rid of their double-chin, or another cosmetic improvement, speak with our team at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics in Delray Beach, Florida. Here, Dr. Peymon Zarreii offers a wide range of aesthetic services to help your loved ones get the self-confidence boost they deserve. 

Here are a few gifting ideas to get you started:

Age-defying options

Cosmetic injectables can be the perfect gift if the person you’re trying to treat has told you they wish they had a way to smooth fine lines or wrinkles. 

If they’ve commented on their own crow’s feet, forehead lines, or frown lines, Botox is an option for them. And they won’t be alone — more than 11 million people choose this convenient, effective way to banish dynamic wrinkles. 

If they’re bothered by lines on the lower portion of their face as a result of volume loss due to aging, you can give them the gift of dermal fillers. You might even explore Sculptra®, an injectable treatment that stimulates collagen production. 

A complexion-transforming gift

Has your friend or family member confided in you that they’re bothered by age spots, large pores, or other complexion woes? We have a groundbreaking treatment option you can explore as a gift this holiday season. 

With microneedling followed by platelet-rich plasma (PRP), we can use their body’s regenerative capabilities to improve their complexion. This treatment can help with everything from scars to sun damage.  

One quick note: this treatment requires us to take a small sample of the person’s blood, so don’t give it to your loved ones who are squeamish about needles. 

Double chin-reducing treatment

If you know your gift recipient is bothered by their double chin, we have just the thing. Kybella is an FDA-cleared injectable treatment that destroys fat cells under the chin. It’s minimally invasive and won’t get in the way of your giftee’s schedule, too. 

Ultimately, we have a range of aesthetic treatments that could be right for the people on your list. To discuss your options, call our office at (561) 264-2307 or book an appointment online to visit us in person.

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