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Pro athletes Tiger Wood and Rafael Nadal helped introduce a new healing modality to the public. While both men used platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to heal from sports injuries, the regenerative technique can also restore hair and rejuvenate skin. Peymon Zarreii, MD, at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics offers PRP for these cosmetic benefits to the Delray Beach, Florida, community. PRP microneedling produces noticeable results without invasive surgery. To learn more about the healing properties of PRP, call the office or book an appointment online today.


What is PRP therapy?

Human blood contains plasma or proteins that help with the clotting process. Plasma also helps to promote cell growth. Researchers and medical providers are able to separate these proteins from the blood and concentrate them, creating a substance called platelet-rich plasma, or PRP.

PRP therapy offers promising results for a variety of aesthetic and medical applications, including:

  • Acute injuries
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Hair loss
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post-surgical repair
  • Tendon injuries

PRP harnesses the body’s own power to heal itself to improve an aesthetic or medical condition. Dr. Zarreii recommends PRP regenerative therapy for those seeking hair restoration and facial rejuvenation because it’s natural, painless, and comes with few risks or side effects.

What does PRP therapy involve?

The first step in PRP therapy is drawing blood. After your blood is drawn, your provider puts it inside a centrifuge, a type of machine that spins it quickly until it separates. Next, he takes the isolated plasma and prepares it for injection into the area being treated.

PRP microneedling facial rejuvenation

Dr. Zarreii offers microneedling with PRP for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Microneedling involves the use of a device containing hundreds of tiny needles. As he rolls the device over your skin, these microneedles create tiny punctures of varying depths.

The body reacts by initiating the healing process in these tiny pores, stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production. As Dr. Zarreii injects PRP into the treatment area, the results are intensified.

PRP hair restoration

PRP hair restoration involves the same process as other PRP therapies. After the plasma has been separated and concentrated, it’s injected into your scalp. Researchers believe PRP works for hair growth by increasing blood supply to the follicle and thickening the hair shaft.

Besides minimal bleeding immediately after the procedure, PRP treatment has few side effects.

What kind of results does PRP offer?

Microneedling with PRP offers impressive results, including:

  • Greater skin hydration
  • Improvement in skin radiance
  • Increased skin firmness
  • Refined skin texture
  • Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Subtle skin tightening

Some changes are noticeable immediately after PRP facial rejuvenation while others appear over time. Many PRP hair restoration clients notice an improvement in hair growth and thickness. Dr. Zarreii generally recommends several initial sessions every 4-6 weeks, followed by maintenance treatments as needed.

Individual results will vary. Call or click to book a PRP consultation with Dr. Zarreii today.