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Diabetes Specialist

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More than one in 10 Americans have diabetes today, with the vast majority of cases being preventable Type 2 diabetes. At Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics, board-certified internal medicine physician Peymon Zarreii, MD, has an extensive history of helping people prevent, manage, and counter the harmful effects of diabetes so they can live their best lives. Call the Delray Beach, Florida, office, or click on the appointment scheduler for personalized diabetes care from a compassionate physician now.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a category of diseases that occur when you have high blood glucose levels. Your blood glucose, which you get from food, is the body's primary energy source. Your pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that shuttles glucose from food to your cells. 

If you don't make glucose, or if you produce it, but your body can't use it correctly, the glucose in your blood builds to dangerous levels. Long-term, high blood glucose causes extremely serious health problems including nerve damage, blood vessel damage, and vision loss. 

Diabetes also puts you at risk for infections, strokes, liver damage, and heart disease, among other medical complications. 

What causes diabetes?

The main types of diabetes are Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is the rarer form of the disease, and it's not preventable. With Type 1 diabetes, you don't produce insulin because the part of your pancreas that makes it isn't functional.

Type 1 diabetes is likely caused by an autoimmune reaction, but other factors including genetics and viral exposure may also contribute. 

Type 2 diabetes, which affects around 95% of the 34 million plus Americans with diabetes, is preventable. The main cause of Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance, which means your cells don't respond to insulin properly. 

Insulin resistance develops most often in overweight and physically inactive individuals who eat an unhealthy diet with high sugar and carbs.

Is diabetes treatable?

Diabetes isn’t curable, so it’s important to understand you have a condition requiring lifelong management. But, the good news is that you can manage diabetes with Dr. Zarreii’s help. 

If you have Type 1 diabetes, you must take insulin as well as eating healthy. But, with Type 2 diabetes, you can often stay healthy and maintain your blood glucose level with specific dietary and lifestyle adjustments. 

If you need it, Dr. Zarreii can also prescribe medication that improves insulin sensitivity or increases insulin production so you can process glucose and maintain your blood sugar levels more effectively. 

Diabetes management works best when you regularly see an expert for support, so don’t wait to get the tools you need to be healthy. Call the Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics office, or click on the online appointment scheduler to book your visit with Dr. Zarreii now.