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Why You Need to Be Immunized for Shingles

Why You Need to Be Immunized for Shingles

When you were young, your body bounced back quickly. Back then, you could probably eat meals you’d pay for now. Injuries healed quickly and aches and pains were few. Now that you’ve aged, though, you may feel the pressure to make choices that protect your wellbeing. They matter more and more each year. And that’s why when you turn 50, you should add a specific to-do to your list.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and medical experts, including Dr. Peymon Zarreii, recommend all people age 50 and over get the two-part Shingrix vaccine to prevent shingles. Plus, because Dr. Zarreii offers this vaccine right here at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics in Delray Beach, Florida, putting the protection you need in place can be convenient. 

Why is this so important? Let’s take a look. 

Understanding shingles

Shingles is a type of herpes (herpes zoster, to be precise) that creates a severe skin rash. It’s painful through and through and the discomfort can last anywhere from a few weeks to the rest of your life. 

It all starts with feeling like you have the flu. Even before you get the skin rash, you might have a fever, headache, chills, and localized shooting pains. In fact, pain on one side of your body is typically the most noted early sign of shingles. It’s often described as:

Some people describe this early-onset symptom as excruciating. 

A few days later, the rash appears, often developing into blisters filled with fluid. Except in rare cases, this rash forms on only one side of the body, usually on your face, neck, or chest. 

Worse yet, shingles can cause lasting problems. Blisters near your eye can cause blindness, while those near your ear can cause hearing loss. 

Beyond that, many people who get shingles develop a condition called postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). It affects your skin and nerve endings, causing a lasting burning sensation. Even clothes might hurt. The older you are, the greater your likelihood of PHN. There’s no cure for this condition, although treatments can help to ease your discomfort. 

Ultimately, shingles is at the very least uncomfortable and many people report that it’s extremely painful. Beyond that, it can cause lasting discomfort. Fortunately, you don’t have to subject yourself to all of this. 

Defending yourself against shingles pain

Shingrix is a vaccine that’s highly effective at preventing shingles and PHN. It’s a two-part vaccine that you should get once you turn 50, with the second dose somewhere between two and six months later. 

That said, there’s no maximum age for Shingrix. If you’re over 50 and you haven’t had it yet, talk to Dr. Zarreii about this preventive measure. 

Getting your two Shingrix vaccines takes just a few minutes at each appointment. It’s an excellent way to lower your risk for lasting pain. 

To talk with Dr. Zarreii about this important vaccine, make an appointment with us. You can contact Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics by calling our office or requesting your appointment online today. 

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