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Want to Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat? Give Liposuction a Try

You have tried everything. You work out regularly, you eat right, and you take care of yourself. And yet still, that annoying and unbecoming belly fat just won’t go away.

This can be so frustrating, and we totally understand that. But belly fat can also be quite dangerous. Fat in the visceral cavity (or your belly area) can be connected to obesity and other diseases which are consequently harmful to your health.

Making our patients healthy and happy is our number one goal. And we at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics want you to feel and look great! Come in to see Dr. Peymon Zarreii in Delray Beach, Florida, and we’ll discuss all of your treatment options.

Dangers of belly fat

You don’t like the way you look when you have extra fat in your belly, but here are some other reasons you want to get rid of it. It’s potentially a major health risk.

Belly fat, especially in men, can lead to the following conditions:

And all of those conditions are potentially life threatening. So what can you do about it?

Learn about liposuction

It’s important to keep in mind that liposuction is not a cure for obesity and cannot replace healthy eating and exercising. These habits will always be vital to your health. But liposuction can treat your belly and other areas of your body like thighs, butt, hips, upper arms, chin, and neck, to name a few.

If you’ve been diligent with diet and exercise and have excess fat that is just not going away, liposuction could be a great option for you. Since there are risks associated with any medical procedure, choosing the right doctor is essential.

Dr. Zarreii is a board-certified internist with a state-of-the-art facility. Our caring team is here to empower you and always treat you safely and effectively.

The procedure

On the day of your liposuction procedure, you will have either local anesthesia or IV sedation and general anesthesia. Small incisions are made in the area being treated, through which the liposuction is done. A tube is inserted to loosen the fat and then remove it using a syringe or surgical vacuum.

We will, of course, tell you all you need to know for your follow-ups and what to expect as you heal from the procedure. This will include your medications and bandages and how long you will need to keep both. It may take a few months for all the swelling to go down, but afterwards you will be able to see the brand new you.

Come in to see us for a full consultation, and we will walk you through all of our treatments and how each of them work. Call us or request an appointment right here online. Let our expert team here at Zareii Medical and Aesthetics help you feel and look your best.

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