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How to Make Sure Your Botox® and Fillers Look Natural

How to Make Sure Your Botox® and Fillers Look Natural

There’s a reason that Botox® and fillers ranked #1 and #2 in terms of popularity for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. They’re quick to get, highly effective, and come with virtually no downtime. 

Still, though, the results aren’t always consistent. You might have friends who divulge that they get Botox, much to your surprise. But you might have seen others who very obviously have overdone it in the injectable department.

All told, when you choose to get Botox or fillers, you want to make sure that the results make you look more youthful, not plastic. That’s why Dr. Peymon Zarreii offers Botox and fillers here at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics in Delray Beach, Florida. With his expertise, he can help you get the outcome you want.

To assist you further, our team has developed some best practices to ensure your Botox and fillers look natural. 


You might find it hard to believe, but it’s very possible that the woman with the shiny, overfilled cheeks and the larger-than-life lips wants to look that way. She may very well have told her provider that’s the outcome she wants to achieve. 

Ultimately, communication goes a long way toward getting you the results you want. If you’re concerned that your cosmetic injectables will leave you looking fake, tell your provider that. In fact, be very clear about your goals. The more information your provider has, the better they’re able to tailor a plan for you. 

For example, Dr. Zarreii starts his cosmetic injectable consultations with a facial analysis and a conversation with you. That way, he has clarity about what you want to achieve and what’s realistic based on your unique skin and face shape. Together, you develop a customized plan. 

Start small

Once the injectable is in your face, there’s no going back. That’s why Dr. Zarreii usually recommends taking relatively small steps toward your cosmetic goals.

You can always opt to get more Botox or filler. But if you don’t like your look because you’ve received too much, all you can do is wait for the results to fade. Ultimately, it’s worth easing your way in to ensure you’re happy with the outcome and able to protect your natural beauty. 

Choose an experienced professional

Cosmetic injectables are not a place to cut corners or costs. You want to be able to rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands when dealing with something as important as your appearance. Research potential providers, ask to see before-and-after pictures and read reviews. Doing your homework goes a long way toward ensuring your Botox and fillers look natural. 

If you want to learn more about Dr. Zarreii’s expertise in this area or schedule a consultation, contact Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics by calling our office or requesting your appointment online today. 

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